Friday, 9 May 2014

Sick and Tired of always being Sick and Tired

I'm way behind on my blogging and way behind on my crocheting. Last couple of days I've been really poorly - not that I can remember the last time I felt well. I spent most of yesterday in an odd state between sleep and consciousness. Due to my lack of night-time sleep unplanned naps have become part of my daily routine. As soon as my painkillers kick in my body wants to sleep and then an hour later when they wear off I'm awake and in agony.

I have learnt another crochet lesson over the last few days. Although I was super proud of my elephants I couldn't help that the stitching between the main body of the elephant and its stubby legs looked different and because of that looked different to the ones in the pictures in the All About Ami blog. I went to the All About Ami Facebook page and contacted Stephanie (the author of the blog) to see if she had any idea why. She knew straight away, she said that the body of my elephant had the "wrong" side facing outwards and that the legs had the "right" side facing outwards, and directed me to a page on her blog to explain it all. Once reading it all I realised that the only thing I needed to change was that I needed to turn the body inside out before I start constructing the legs. I'll put this into practise for my next one, although the stitching might be hard to see as its in a dark coloured wool. Anyone else find it much harder to see where their stitches are meant to be with darker wool?

Yesterday I went to start on Dave's surprise Charmander when I realised that my Orange wool was tied up in one of the rows of the bobbly baby blanket I'm making for my friend. So I finished off a few rows of the blanket to free up the wool and then fell asleep. I woke up sometime later disorientated and feeling super sick. Then Dave came home so I couldn't do it.

Today I've felt slightly better, I got started on the Charmander when Dave went to work. I decided to use the hook size recommended and it seems to be coming along ok. I couldn't carry on with it this evening as Dave decided to come home (how dare he!)

In place of the Charmander I spent my evening starting yet another elephant, this time for my Dad. I decided to carry on using the 2.5 mm hook as I liked the way the yellow elephant came out. However I couldn't find my hook anywhere. I decided to use another 2.5 mm hook I have but don't tend to use as it is much more flimsy than my usual one. And lo and behold I managed to snap it!

Luckily I then found my normal hook under the sofa cushions, despite already having looked there, so I could carry on with the requested royal blue elephant. I feel like the more I make them the quicker I can get them done, which I always find feels like I've accomplished something haha!

Now as it is pretty much midnight here in the UK I am going to bed as my body clock is telling me to, however I'm sure this elephant will see some more work before dawn!

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