Friday, 2 May 2014

Twice in one day!

As promised to make up for missing yesterday here is my second blog of the day. The challenge suggests sharing my favourite blog posts for todays blog. However since I have not been blogging for very long and don't have that many to choose from I thought I would instead share my 5 favourite things I have crocheted.

Number 5:

This is the only one of my Top 5 that is not amigurumi. I made this gorgeous little cardigan for a friend of my mum who had just become a grandmother. It took me ages to make because the whole of the bottom of the yoke is entirely shell stitches and although it looks lovely its very time consuming. I also love the colour, it was nice to make something for a baby girl that wasn't in the expected pink. The pattern for this came from a Nikki Trench book that I brought which is full of baby clothes and accessories. I'd definitely recommend it for any crocheters who are expecting or know someone who is. Even if you're a beginner there are some nice basic patterns to help build your confidence.

Number 4 

I think the reason I like this little guy so much is probably partly just because I love penguins so much! I don't think anyone can deny their cuteness. When I started crocheting Christmas bits and bobs I asked my mother in law if there was anything in particular that she would like me to make her and she requested a penguin. I found a pattern in an amigurumi book and then made some slight alterations and made him a cheery scarf to finish him off. My mother in law loved him and he is actually on display in her living room all year round!

Number 3

These guys have a special place in my heart because they were the first thing that I wrote my own pattern for. These snowmen were the first lot I made the first Christmas after I started crocheting. Since then my pattern has evolved and the ones I made this year had arms with mitten, scarves and their hats had pom poms. Although the pattern itself is fairly simple they still make lovely Christmas gifts (and people who don't know how to crochet won't know how simple they were!)

Number 2

This was another of my original patterns. I put a lot of thought into the overall effect I wanted him to have. It would have been much easier to make him like the snowmen rather than crocheting all the sides as separate rectangles and sewing them all together but I wanted him to look as if he was made from sheets of metal. I added a heart to him as I made him around valentines day, but I think I'll probably make more at some point with a different motif.

Number 1

This is my overall favourite not only because of how well she turned out but also because of the sentimentality of it. She is the very first Yaya Doll I made. She is my own pattern and named after my yaya, who was my mum's mum and the person who taught me to crochet. This doll was a gift to my mum from me for mothers day, and it actually made her cry - not my intention!

That finishes off my Top 5 and my second blog of the day - and posted with 20 minutes to spare!


  1. These are great! I love the robot and the doll. I've been crocheting for years but have never tried amigurami. You've inspired me to have a go.

    1. Glad you're going to give it a go! If you find some of the bigger patterns they're great for the baby to play with, just make sure you get safety eyes that can't be pulled out!