Sunday, 4 May 2014

This is becoming a habit!

So skipping days of blogging is becoming my new habit. Maybe my aim should just be to blog as much as my life allows haha. I got absolutely no crocheting done yesterday but my house is lovely and clean. As much as I hate cleaning I love how nice my house looks when everything's done!

I have so many projects listed in the back of my head that I need to write down the patterns for. Of the back of the lovely little elephant that I made I have now had requests for 2 more from my mum and dad. My dad wants his to sit in his work van and my mum wants one for her desk.

The pattern is listed on the All about Ami blog, Stephanie translated the pattern and posted it for free on her blog - lucky

The pattern can be found here: The legs are crocheted in a fairly unusual way. Rather than making them separately and then sewing them all you make foundation chains and the crochet them straight onto the body. It makes for some quite awkward crocheting at times  but I love the way it comes out!

I also need need need to finish my sisters peas. Over a year ago I started making my sister a pea pod with peas in.... and its still missing 2 peas. When I started this I hadn't been amigurumi-ing for very long and made a rooky mistake of using different weights of 
yarn for the pod and the peas so the peas take forever to do because the yarn is so fine!

I am also working on a secret project for Dave (boyfriend). He loves Pokemon and I found the most adorable baby Pokemon! They're on devaintart by a user called "aphid777". Definitely worth checking out for Pokemon pattens as they're some of the best I've seen. I'm itching to get started on the Charmander because I think he's adorable. Check them out here:

I also need to make some dinosaurs. My friend and her boyfriend recently bought their first house and I wanted to make them as a housewarming pattern.
This is the basis for the design, its a free online pattern that I've made before:
The picture on the website

My attempt

The dinosaur comes up very small as a lot of amigurumi is meant to be. I want a bigger one so I am in the process of enlarging it. If it comes out well I'll post it on here, if not I'll bury it somewhere so no one knows haha!

All this thinking about all the crocheting I need to do has made me sleepy.....think I need another coffee haha.

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