Friday, 13 June 2014

Elephants Everywhere!!!

So Blog every day in May was a complete bust. I'm so disappointed but to be fair to myself I have been so ill. I am still so ill. Part of the reason my blogging tailed off was because my crocheting tailed off. I've been in so much pain that all I have wanted to do is lie on the sofa under a blanket feeling sorry for myself.

I have decided however that if I carry on like that I may end up going down an awful downward spiral that I might not be able to get back out of. So trying to be more positive, getting back on track with my crocheting.

I have done bits of crocheting. Everyone seems to want one of the elephants I've been making.

This guy was requested by my Dad. I gave him tusks to make him a bit more manly and he now spends his days travelling round in my dads work van.

Then my sister asked for one. My sister has more things I have crocheted then anyone else. Every time I saw her after I agreed to make it she was asking where he was. I think he was worth the wait. I think she called him "Murray" because he is mint green.

I then decided to make a big elephant for my good friend who is having a baby in October. Rather than trying to enlarge the pattern - which is something that I have considered but don't have energy for at the minute -I bought some really thick wool. I wasn't overly keen on it because I have this need for everything to be perfect and the wool didn't form into lovely squares of colour (not that I really expected it to haha) but everyone else seemed to love it. Even my Dave said that if my friend didn't like it he would claim it. Unfortunately for him she loved it.

I guess he is kind of cute.

My current elephant is a glittery pink number for a work friend of my mums. I showed my mum 2 different pink yarns to choose from an she couldn't decide so I have to make 2 and let her friend choose. Its lucky I enjoy making them!

I have also mocked up a larger pattern for the dinosaur that I mentioned in a previous post so they are on my list of things to make. I will post the pattern after I've made them and amended and problems with the pattern. Also I did attempt to start Dave's secret surprise Charmander but I struggled getting along with the pattern. There were no numbers to indicate the number of stitched per row and the rows didn't always finish where they have started. I have found a pattern for a Charizard that I think I'll attempt and that he will probably prefer anyways.

To something non crochet related. My lovely Victorian cottage is having electrical problems. Turns out the problems we had with condensation back in November have caused mould to grow inside the plug sockets. We had no idea until the electric started tripping. It kind of grosses me out knowing it was there the whole time and we had no idea! Its being left to dry out at the minute and then we're having new sockets fitted next week. So lucky to have a brilliant landlord who gets things done so quickly.

So onto plans for the rest of the day: finishing the glittery elephant and then some baking. I want to attempt chocolate, caramel, peanut butter cupcakes. If they go well I'll post a photo :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day xx


  1. that majorly sucks you're been poorly - I had been wondering where your crochet updates had gone! but glad to see you're back and really perfecting the elephants, they all look amazing! my favourite has the be the sky bluey one :) is this following the all about ami pattern? I really think I will have to have a go they look brilliant :) really hope you feel better soon and looking forward to some more posts :) jenny xx

    1. Jenny your comments always cheer me up :) it is the all about ami pattern, it's a bit tricky to get your head round to begin with but it's lovely to not have any legs to sew on!

    2. I'm happy they do :) you know I will definstely try this elephant out tomorrow or Monday and will be sure to share a picture with you :) jenny xxx