Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pretending I'm still a student

Today I had made a student dinner for me and Dave. Pasta for tea which when we were at Uni was fondly named pasta with sh*tloads of cheese. This is because I didn't get anything out the freezer and I was being lazy. To be honest I did cook this morning (eggy bread and bacon) so I didn't feel too bad about not making a proper meal. It did however lead to a phone call with Mum where she very crossly said that I should have told her that I had no food in, I then had to admit to my laziness. To follow our student dinner Dave wanted dessert which lead to the chocolate microwave mug cakes! They weren't the best cakes I've ever made but they definitely did the job.

All the ingredients mixed together in a mug and then a couple of minutes later

Ta Da!
It had deflated a little in between taking it out the microwave and taking the photo haha. If anyone is going to make one (and there are loads of recipes on the web including posh grown up ones) I recommend using the biggest mug you have as they expand quite a bit.

As my World Cup Craft project is a secret I can't post details on it but I can say that I am about 1/4 of the way there so on track to finish it. What I have decided to do instead is to talk about my new embroidery loop that I have been using.

 The one on the left is my old one and probably the one that most sporadic embroiderers will use, it has a screw which I have managed to cut out of the photo (oops!)  Whereas my new one on the right has an internal metal ring that you pull together to move in and out of the pink cover.

I have to admit that when I bought this I didn't need it as I didn't have any impending embroidery projects but I was yarn shopping (a fairly regular past time) and this caught my eye. Admittedly it was probably because it was pink. Its nice having a hoop where the 2 pieces themselves don't become looser as you sew, you still get the slack from the material being pulled but you don't have the issue of needing to retighten the screw as you do with the other one. The only problem I do have with it, and its something that could probably be avoided if I thought about it when I was putting the hoop on. When the hoop is on the material you can only see the pink coating from the front and the metal loop/handles are on the back

My problem is that I get thread caught round the handles. If you notice straight away then its not too bad, however if you don't and carry on stitching you end up with this pointless extra loop of thread that you then have to tie off. Its not the biggest problem in the world but its pretty frustrating. 

The other "exciting" part of my boring Sunday was that my regular shaped candle that I burnt in a star shaped pot

Is now a star shaped candle

I'm very easily amused haha. And on that note I shall round off my fairly boring blog post from my uneventful Sunday.

I hope your weekends were lovely x

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