Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Maybe we're a special group of people?

Yesterday I was horrendously ill. I had a temperature but refused to come out from under my blanket and did absolutely nothing all day which includes no crocheting! Feeling much better today though (Yay!) and now back to just plodding on with all my usual symptoms haha. 

The only thing I did manage to do yesterday was to watch the finale of Game of Thrones. As someone who has not read the books I find it very frustrating that I have questions that will have to go a year before being answered. AND before anyone tells me to go read the books, I would like to point out that I own them all but due to a problem that has developed with my eyes/brain I find it difficult to read for long periods of time which makes me very sad. I used to be the kind of person that had to have a book prised from her hands :(

Today I've been getting things in place for my embroidery project. It is a very late gift for one of my friends. I can't post too much about it on here as I want it to be a surprise but am looking forward to sharing the finished result. First thing I needed to to was to check that my embroidery pen won't spoil the fabric (it doesn't) and pick my thread colours. I wanted them to clash to some degree with the background so they can stand out but at the same time I wanted them all to compliment each other. I think they look OK.

My next step is to draw out the design on the fabric. Its pretty complicated and I'm unsure whether to draw out the whole thing or just parts of it as I go along, the problem is, everything is in relation to each other so I need to make sure I keep that the same if I don't draw it all at once. There is also the chance that my lines could fade depending on how long it takes me to complete.

I do love embroidery - its the first crafty thing I ever did. When I was younger my Yaya (Greek nan) was a seamstress and I would go stay with her and sit on the floor by her sewing machine, sewing onto scraps of fabric while she worked. I think most of my love of crafting comes from her. None of my other family are really into it and my mum struggles sewing on buttons haha. 

I find it quite sad that I know my mum can do the basics of crochet and I could easily teach my sister to do it but they say they don't have the patience. Now I understand that when a pattern isn't turning out right things can get stressful but on the whole I find crocheting very relaxing and something I can do whilst the TV is on and still understand what's going on. 

Maybe we're a special group of people?

Hope everyone has a good week x

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