Friday, 4 April 2014

Getting the Ball Rolling

Feel like I am finally getting somewhere with the start of my Yaya Doll business! Today I have started up a Google Plus profile, a Facebook Page and a Twitter account for the Dolls (I'll pop the links on the bottom). Its nice to feel like I'm getting somewhere with it all!

I've also made some accessories for my mums doll (as the dolls are custom it was what she requested as course!) She wanted a belt and shoes in red with black daisies and I think I delivered haha

She has now requested a Labrador and a ginger kitten (I should have never mentioned that I was considering making them pets as an accessory ha). She'll have to wait though because I'm itching to get started on some new Yaya Dolls. Each off the shelf one will have a specific name and look so the next one will be modeled on myself and be a Charlotte Doll!

First though I think I may have to sit down and properly write out my patterns. I think people would be horrified to learn I work off scrawls like this:

Would also love people's input on another idea I was having, for the more technical I was thinking of making little robot pets and then I thought maybe I should adapt my Valentines Robot as some form of Yaya-Bot haha


I'll also pop on the link to the Etsy shop once its open :)

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