Thursday, 10 April 2014

Making Progress

Even though I'm still in a lot of pain I am making progress with my next Yaya doll. I've crocheted the whole head and neck, and I'm now working on putting the hair in.

This is the bit that I find most boring and time consuming, sewing in ends! Has to be done though to give a nice hair line on the back of the head.

Didn't actually take as long as I thought in the end, just had to find a systematic way of doing it. I actually worked through it so I did all the yellow bits and then all the pink bits (not that I have crochet OCD haha)

I've added the first row of hair, just around the base of the head. Now going to get a contrasting colour and sew in where I want the rest of the hair to fall. The plan is to have a full fringe that gets longer at the sides to blend in with the rest of the hair. Going to do a centre parting along the top of the dolls head and then add in as many rows of hair needed. I don't want to put too many in as it makes it difficult for the hair to be tied up.

I've popped some pins where I want they eyes to go so I know how long the fringe needs to be. Also debating on what colour dress to give this little dolly. She is meant to be based on me and I tend to wear a lot of black but thought a brighter colour would probably look more cheerful.

I am also looking forward to another side project I am starting (I need to start what I finish haha). A very good friend of mine is having a baby and has asked if I would make her a few bits so the baby will have something made by "Aunty Charlotte". The blanket is a free pattern I found on It uses the bobble stitch and looks really snuggly. Going to make it in rainbow colours seen as I don't know what she's having yet. Popped the link on here in case anyone else wants to take a look. It's also on Ravelry.

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