Monday, 31 March 2014

I'm hopeless!

I really need to try and keep more up to date with this. At the minute I'm blaming sickness and being in hospital...Not fun!

However the very first Yaya Doll has been finished! She is named Katina (after my Yaya) and was a mothers day gift to my Mum (I made her cry). There are a few little tweaks that need to be made but overall I'm quite proud, its odd to look at the photos and see how it all came together. Next project is to start work on the "Charlotte" doll and give my friend a little shove to get her "Katie" doll finished haha.

Also need to make this doll some shoes and accessories, my Mum has been quite specific about what she wants haha! Apparently Katina would like black flowers on her dress and red shoes with black flowers as well as a handbag!

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