Wednesday, 27 January 2016


So a few weeks ago, my parents dog, decided to eat a crochet rabbit that I made my sister about 3.5 years ago - not that it really looked anything like a rabbit, being the 3rd thing I crocheted (it would have been the second but my first attempt went really wrong and I turned it into a squid).

Like Butter Wouldn't Melt!
To be honest I wasn't really bothered. Katie however decided that she simply MUST have something to replace it with, so I gave her my copy of Zoomigurumi 3 that I got from my Secret Santa, and let her pick something. She decided on a turtle, but she wanted it to be all green

 And so "Shelly-Chic" (like Shabby-Chic) was created

And while I had the camera out, I decided to try out some of the different backgrounds for my light studio

 Then I got a little bit silly

But not as silly as my beautiful sister

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