Monday, 18 January 2016

New Camera!

For Christmas my lovely lovely boyfriend surprised me with a snazzy new Cannon 1200D camera and a portable light studio so I can take better photos of my crafting. It's such a thoughtful gift, he always seems to know what to get me, and its often things I would never think to get or ask for myself.

We finally got some time and decided to set up the light studio, I started with taking a few photos of my crocheting, but we soon got distracted by the knick knacks on the shelf in our dining room.
Here's the Little Red Riding Hood Doll I finished over the weekend. The pattern is by Lee Mei Li at It was a really nice pattern, and I loved the way the dress was made, you crochet the white underneath part first and then make the blue bit and flip it over the top.

This is my next project, I'm making a turtle for my little sister. I love this colour wool, it's left over from when I made a Snorlax for my friend Lewis.

Then I let Dave take control of the camera....

Here is Steve the Octopus riding a triceratop...

Then Han Solo and Boba Fett had a stand off.....

Iron Man popped by

I then got some practise in changing the focus using the camera 

I think this one is the favourite one I took! I love Jack Skellington!

I know I still have a way to go to get to the same level as a lot of other bloggers out there, but practise makes perfect!

(This was meant to be posted last week but I have had terrible terrible Internet)

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