Monday, 13 October 2014

Work Crochet and Home Crochet

Despite the fact that most people would find my job undesirable, it does afford me the opportunity to get some crocheting done at work. I work in a call centre, and in between calls we don't have anything to do, and the devil makes work for idle hands!

I started crocheting when I had worked there for a few months, to begin with it drew a quite a few odd looks and people asking me what I was doing; now however no one bats an eyelid!

I always seem to have multiple projects on the go (as does every crafter), if I have something that is due for a deadline then I tend to ferry my project to and from work. However when no deadlines are looming I tend to pick a project and leave it in my locker at work. I choose things that require only 1 ball of yarn (or just one colour of yarn), this sometimes leads to me taking more clothing projects to work. As long as you keep track of how many rows you have done, it tends to be easier than amigurumi as the stitches are just repeated.

 My current work project is a little hooded jacket for my "nephew" Harvey, he's the new baby of one one my oldest friends. I cannot wait to go down and visit them.

I have the above book by Nicki Trench, and am making this lovely V-stitch jacket, I have decided however to make it in this colour; its called air force blue

Does anyone else have the luxury of crafting at work?


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