Sunday, 10 August 2014

Stress Free (almost)

I have been under so much stress recently, a large part of which was lifted when mine and Dave's passports turned up on Thursday. I answered the door to the delivery man in my pajamas (it was my day off) and told him he had made my day. Now everything is sorted and I can finally just look forward to our holiday.

After the minion was done I did have a few days break from crocheting. It really stressed me out having a strict deadline and not being completely happy with the finished result. I think I get more judgemental when someone is paying for what I make. I want everything to be perfect!

I picked up my hook again after a short break (can't stay away for long) I just always want to make sure that I don't associate negative feelings with something I love so much.

I'm working on a set of elephants for someone Dave works with. One small pink one ane one large multi coloured one for her grandchildren.

I'm also working on a cow for the son of an old school friend. I just need to sew on his name and then stitch him all together. I might put up the pattern when I'm done if people are interested in making their own cows

P.S. My parents cat has had 2 kittens but can't get a good photo yet. Expect lots of cute kitten photos to follow

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