Friday, 1 August 2014

A special proposal

It's been a while since I updated, I've had a rush of orders thanks to Alan the Elephant. Dave decided back when I made Emily's glittery pink elephant that it was the perfect size for Steve the Octopus to "ride into battle". Luckily for him I have that yarn in a few colours and Alan was made.

Apparently as soon as he was put on Dave's desk people started asking where he got it, and if I could make them something. 

One of Dave's friends was planning his proposal to his minion loving girlfriend. I then volunteered to make a minion to get the ring to her.


I did not properly think through the amount of work that was needed and the time I had available to do it.

By the time this guy was finished I was a bit fed up with it and wasn't happy with how it turned out, although everyone else seemed to really like it.

He has an "S" on his overalls instead of a "G" because it was for Sophie and her engagement ring was hidden in his pocket.

I've been told that Lewis proposed with an empty ring box, started looking round as if the ring was lost and then said the minion was trying to tell him something! Thankfully she said yes.

Wishing Lewis and Sophie all the best for their future together.

P.S Minions like to take selfies
Wishing you all a lovely weekend x


  1. i think you did a marvellous job with the minion! and how special an idea to use it in a proposal, that is so touching :) you really did a grand job on it! was it your own pattern? jenny xx

  2. It was my own pattern with inspiration from other minions I had seen :) xx