Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Marscapone Frosting

I had my good friend from university Liza come to stay this weekend. I spent the majority of the week before she got here hooked up to IVs at the hospital; turns out my body can't cope fighting 2 infections at once! As I still wasn't feeling 100% we didn't do much, Sunday was spent sitting under a duvet watching Disney films, I had to limit my sing-along-ing as my throat was really painful. I did however keep my promise to bake her something. Of all the things I have in my baking repertoire her and Dave will always request the same thing - Brownies.

I made Dave some last week, just plain brownies that when microwaved were molten in the middle (Dave thinks they're the best ones I have ever made!) and wanted to do something slightly different. I found a recipe for brownies,baked as individual cakes rather than a traybake and with marscapone frosting on top.

I've only had marscapone frosting once, it was in a Lemon cake someone else made, and it was amazing but wasn't something that I had made myself. It's made pretty much the same as you would make cream cheese frosting for carrot cake; its just the cheese, icing sugar and vanilla essence. I also added in some chocolate shavings.

These are really good if like me you have a sweet tooth. They are very sweet, and I couldn't eat more than one (a day). The marscapone frosting is sweeter than usual cream cheese, I'm actually tempted to put it on my carrot cake next time I make it, see what the difference is.

Has anyone else been baking this weekend? xx

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