Friday, 19 September 2014

September DI Craft Swap - Post 1

I was trying to hold off on blogging about the swap until I had received my package, but it seems to be taking its time, so figured I would just split it into 2 posts.

This was my first time taking part in any kind of craft swap and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't actually know what Kawaii was until I started the swap but I now understand why everyone is so exited by it. I have decided not to take part in Octobers one because I have a lot of personal crafting to get on with. I'm hoping to join in with the one afterwards which is a Woodland theme (if anyone is interested, contact Hannah, she's on twitter at @DaintyandIvory or over on her blog at

My parcel went off to our lovely organiser Hannah. She sent me some information about herself, and I wanted to make sure that she would get use out of everything I sent.

I started with the bought item, she mentioned that she liked tea so I picked this coaster;

How could anyone resist the happy cakes and ice cream!

She also mentioned she likes to read so I made her a Panda bookmark, it was designed so that the Panda's head will stick out of the top of the book

I think this could be customised to be pretty much any animal. This is another pattern I'm considering posting on here at some point.

The last thing was something that combined that make it and buy it components of the swap. On Hannah's blog she has mentioned that she sews plush toys, so I decided to make her a pin cushion...shaped like a turtle, with a pastel flower on its shell as they are her favourite colours. 

He's pretty adorable! Hannah nearly didn't get him because my mum tried to steal him, but I pointed out she can't sew so has absolutely no need for a pin cushion of any kind haha.

I tried to match up the pins with the colours on the turtle's shell!

I also sent Hannah some home made clotted cream fudge to make up for the delivery being late because I had a delay in the delivery of the heart shape pins.

I wrapped it up like this because I thought it would look nicer than clingfilm or tin foil. Then the sound of music popped into my head "brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things"

I was so happy that Hannah liked everything that I sent her, and I will continue stalking my post lady until she brings me mine!

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. Thank you so much for my gifts!! haha glad to hear your Mum didn't end up stealing the pin cushion, I love the tortoise =) I am so impressed with your crochet skills, so talented! I can't wait to use my Panda bookmark. I'm still day dreaming about the Fudge it was so yummy, might have to attempt making some myself although I doubt it would be as good as yours!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. phwoar yum yum! you sent some really excellent items, and I'm very jeaous of the fudge :) jenny xx