Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mini Valentines Robot - Pattern

Hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day! I got a lovely bunch of flowers, a card with googly eyes and a cup of tea in bed. I then proceeded to cook a roast dinner for 7 people, not something I plan to do again any time soon.

I decided to make Dave a little present for his desk, while he waits for me to finish crocheting his big birthday present (which will be late as his birthday was on Saturday!). I decided to make him a mini version of the Valentines Robot that I made a few years ago. And now I am going to share the pattern for it on here!

It doesn't use up much wool, and is probably something you could make if you've got a bit of wool left over from another project. As it is a Valentines present I also added to this one a heart shaped button from my stash.

I used my 2.5mm hook from The Spotted Hook, it's a really nice hook to work with, and looks fab. Who says crocheting can't be glamorous! I also used by Penguin Stitch Markers from AbsoKnittingLutely, if you use stitch markers I would definitely recommend having a look at her shop. Everything is just so cute! Also in this picture are my lovely embroidery scissors that my friend Lauren bought me for my birthday, they're mainly in the photograph just because I like them so much!

Square Head Pieces - Make 5
Chain 9
Rows 1 - 8 sc across (8) chain 1 & turn at end of each row.

Rectangle Body Pieces - Make 4
Chain 9
Rows 1-12 sc across (8) chain 1 & turn at end of each row.

Arms - Make 2
Round 1 - 4sc in a MC (4)
Round 2 inc around (8)
Rounds 3-7 sc around (8)

Legs -  Make 2
Round 1 - 6sc in MC (6)
Round 2 - inc around (12)
Round 3 - (inc, sc) around (18)
Round 4 - sc around BLO (18)
Round 5 - (dec, sc) around (12)
Round 6  - (dec, sc) around (8)
Rounds 7 - 11 sc around (8)

When both legs are done:
Round 12 - sc around whole of both legs (16) if possible make the first sc in one of the four "corners" when its made into a square.
Round 13 - (3sc in next stitch, 3sc)x4 (24)
Round 14 - sc, (3scin next stitch)x3, 4sc (32)

Chain 8 and joining with a slip stitch to make a ring
Round 1 - sc around (8)
Round 2 - inc around (16)
Round 3 - (3sc in next stitch, 3sc)x4 (24)
Round 4 - sc, (3scin next stitch)x3, 4sc (32)
fasten off and then turn upside down and repeat rounds 1-4 on the other side of the ring. You need to make sure that the corners match up with the ones from the first part, otherwise the head won't face the right way.

  • Sew the 4 body pieces to form a rectangular tube, if you are adding any decoration to the robots body its probably easiest to add it before you sew the last seam
  • Stuff  the arms and sew them onto the body 

  • Stuff the legs and sew them onto the bottom of the body, it should match up as there are 32 stitches on each part.
  • Stuff the body, and then sew the neck onto the body, again they should match up because there are 32 stitches.
  • Sew 4 of the head pieces together to make a square tube, add eyes and mouth, and then sew onto the other end of the neck.
  • Finally stuff the head and sew the final head piece on the top of the head. 

 Ta Da!


 He doesn't have a name as of yet, but I'm sure he will acquire one once he gets to the office! I've also popped the pattern on Ravelry. If anyone makes one I'd love to see a photo I'm @craftycharlotte on Instagram & Twitter